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According to a study from Cornell Medical Center, 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Therafusion in New York, NY can replenish fluids with IV hydration therapy or infusion. This holistic treatment uses an intravenous (IV) tube to deliver a fluid mixture of essential vitamins, electrolytes, and antioxidants directly into the bloodstream, allowing the fluids to circulate through your body much faster than drinking fluids can. It provides rapid hydration to boost energy, revitalizes the body, lifts your mood, removes toxins from the body, and more. Call us today to book your home or office appointment with our experienced team.

Dehydration causes many issues, such as headaches, fatigue, dizziness, dry lips or skin, and dark urine or no urine. IV hydration therapy replenishes your body with the following benefits:

  • Better mental clarity and concentration
  • Improved mood and energy
  • Enhanced endurance
  • Improved cardiovascular health

Our mobile office brings IV hydration therapy to your home, office, or hotel in New York, NY. It usually takes up to an hour to complete, and most patients will experience the full benefits in about 2 – 4 hours afterward. Before we administer therapy, the injection site is gently cleaned with an alcohol swab, and the IV is inserted directly into a vein in your arm. Each hydration therapy cocktail is uniquely created to suit the patient's needs. After your initial consultation, we will develop your unique combination of vitamins and minerals.

I'm still feeling really good and seem to be dealing with life in a positive manner. Thank you for checking in!

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I'm still feeling terrific! Strong and decisive and able to control my emotions rather than them controlling me. And the nurses are terrific.

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I'm feeling the best today. The most normal I've felt in so many years!

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Dr. Al-Samarrai and his staff were professional and compassionate. They explained all aspects of the treatment and were excellent with their medical techniques.

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Great! He was very accommodating to my timeframes and needs and eager to provide a satisfactory outcome. He is also a kind doctor who is patient focused.

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IV hydration is a therapeutic treatment that can help patients with various health needs. This treatment is fully customized to enhance your focus, mood, energy levels, and more. Our team brings these beneficial improvements and simple treatments personally to you. He looks forward to sharing the advantages of nutrient IV therapy and helping individuals throughout New York, NY feel refreshed.

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