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If you're feeling sluggish because of environmental pollutants or processed food has upset your stomach, Therafusion's IV antioxidant therapy may be what you need to detox your body. IV therapy is an effective way to add antioxidants into your body quickly with 100% absorption. This therapy also cleanses your body of toxins and boosts your immune system. Antioxidants fight high levels of compounds, also called free radicals, in the body. These fighters are found naturally in many fruits and vegetables. They are critical to your health, helping to prevent or delay cell damage and fight infections. Schedule a consultation at our clinic in New York, NY to learn more about IV antioxidant therapy.

Glutathione is a natural, powerful antioxidant that detoxifies the body, helps cells function properly, and boosts energy. Vitamin E and C are co-antioxidants that work together to slow down or stop the processes that damage cells in the body. Once our team has developed a treatment of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals for you during your consultation at your leisure at home or office, our expert team will insert an intravenous line (IV) into a vein, usually in the hand or arm, to administer your treatment. Your appointment can last up to 60 minutes, depending on the number of nutrients needed. We welcome you to relax, read, use your phone, or watch TV while the antioxidants do their job.

I'm still feeling really good and seem to be dealing with life in a positive manner. Thank you for checking in!

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I'm still feeling terrific! Strong and decisive and able to control my emotions rather than them controlling me. And the nurses are terrific.

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I'm feeling the best today. The most normal I've felt in so many years!

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Dr. Al-Samarrai and his staff were professional and compassionate. They explained all aspects of the treatment and were excellent with their medical techniques.

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Great! He was very accommodating to my timeframes and needs and eager to provide a satisfactory outcome. He is also a kind doctor who is patient focused.

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At Therafusion, our team customizes IV antioxidant therapy to boost the immune system and fight infections. Antioxidants can also assist in cancer therapy. During a consultation with our expert team, we will listen to your concerns and goals to increase your wellness and discuss how this treatment can benefit you. Learn more about this infusion therapy option by contacting Therafusion to schedule your initial consultation in New York, NY.

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