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An upset stomach can result from stomach flu, food poisoning, virus, bacteria, overeating, gall bladder disease, and many other conditions. It presents as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, cramping, stomach pain, and dehydration. Therafusion's IV treatment directly absorbs our blend of vitamins, minerals, and medicine into the bloodstream to bring you immediate relief. Our team will work with you to determine the type of IV treatment best for your concerns. Contact our practice in New York, NY to book a consultation or learn additional details about the benefits of our IV services.

A Therafusion IV is filled with fluids, B12, B-complex vitamins, Vitamin C, anti-nausea medication, and possibly an antacid, which not only hydrates you but also diminishes the symptoms of an upset stomach. To treat your condition, our expert team will arrive at your location and prep you for IV therapy. The injection site on your arm or hand will be sanitized before the IV is inserted into a presenting vein. Our treatment supplies vitamins and nutrients using a steady infusion into the body. Once the drip bag is complete, we'll secure the insertion site with a bandage. An IV treatment typically lasts around 60 minutes, after which you can go back to your routine with no recovery period expected.

I'm still feeling really good and seem to be dealing with life in a positive manner. Thank you for checking in!

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I'm still feeling terrific! Strong and decisive and able to control my emotions rather than them controlling me. And the nurses are terrific.

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I'm feeling the best today. The most normal I've felt in so many years!

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Dr. Al-Samarrai and his staff were professional and compassionate. They explained all aspects of the treatment and were excellent with their medical techniques.

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Great! He was very accommodating to my timeframes and needs and eager to provide a satisfactory outcome. He is also a kind doctor who is patient focused.

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Our Therafusion team looks forward to meeting you at your location for a custom nutrient IV therapy infusion to help eliminate your upset stomach. Contact us and schedule a consultation today. We want to help you feel amazing both inside and out with elevated nutrient levels to fight your condition effectively and immediately.

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