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Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is a coenzyme that helps the body on a cellular level and plays a central role in metabolism. Also called an anti-aging molecule, NAD+ promotes health and helps manage a wide spectrum of diseases, including diabetes and cancer; improves mental clarity, alertness, concentration, memory, and athletic endurance; and reverses the symptoms of chronic fatigue. Numerous studies have shown that NAD+ may protect against cancer, radiation, and aging. At Therafusion, we use the NAD+ blend to help improve your mind and body so that you can get back to enjoying the activities you love the most. Our team serves New York, NY individuals and can provide more information on how we can get you scheduled for this therapy.

During your session, you will relax in your comfortable recliner or bed. Many clients continue with their personal and business activities, such as reading, playing a game on their phone, working on a laptop, or watching TV. An infusion bypasses digestion and moves the IV blend directly into the bloodstream for immediate effects. NAD+ is a molecule that helps several bodily functions, including metabolism, creating energy from the nutrients in food, lowering stress, keeping the brain healthy, addressing chronic fatigue, and boosting cellular health. It can also provide migraine relief, help with illness recovery, and combat food poisoning symptoms. Our trained medical professional will monitor you throughout the process, which typically takes about an hour. During the infusion, some patients have said they feel an immediate boost of energy and a refreshing focus that feels rejuvenating. Many people ask for NAD+ therapy regularly to maintain wellness. Contact our New York, NY team today for more information about this treatment and its benefits.

I'm still feeling really good and seem to be dealing with life in a positive manner. Thank you for checking in!

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I'm still feeling terrific! Strong and decisive and able to control my emotions rather than them controlling me. And the nurses are terrific.

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I'm feeling the best today. The most normal I've felt in so many years!

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Dr. Al-Samarrai and his staff were professional and compassionate. They explained all aspects of the treatment and were excellent with their medical techniques.

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Great! He was very accommodating to my timeframes and needs and eager to provide a satisfactory outcome. He is also a kind doctor who is patient focused.

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NAD+ IV therapy revitalizes your body and boosts your mood and health. This quick treatment can help you improve your daily life and address specific concerns, such as aging, concentration, and much more. To schedule your at-home appointment with Therafusion, contact our New York, NY team.

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